Sunday, November 29, 2009

Alder Herb

Alder Herb:-

Scientific name:-

Alnus glutinosa syn Betula Alnus

Medicinal use of Alder Herb:-

  • The fresh bark will cause vomiting and is useful as an emetic. All other uses should be from the dried bark.

  • Alder Herb is primarily used by Indians for wounds and inflammations, as a decoction for burns.

  • Alder Herb used decoction is used as a gargle for sore throat, the powdered bark and leaves as an internal astringent and tonic and as a hemostatic against internal and external bleeding.

  • Inner bark is cooked in a vinegar wash to treat lice, scabies to, scabs and clean teeth.

  • Alder Herb used poultice of the leaves used for chest pain (1 Tbsp carcasses of leaves to 1 pint boiling water and steeped 30 minutes).

  • Native Americans used the bark for pulmonary bleeding and diphtheria, they scraped the inner bark and sap used to rubbing and itching as a rectal application for piles.

  • Alder Herb is used to compress the moist inner bark was used to stop heavy bleeding.


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