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breast cancer treatment

Breast Cancer:-
Cancer cells grow out of control. Normal cells to divide and grow in a polite manner. Cancer cells and opportunistic and remove any room for normal cells. Breast cancer can occur in both men and women, but it is more common in women.
Breast CancerRemedy types:-

  • 1. Remove the tumor ,Lumpectomy:-
Also known as a mastectomy or definitive tylectomy. Breast cancer in the rescue operation, which only the tumor and a small area of surrounding tissue are removed. After eradication of the tumor, there is usually several weeks of radiotherapy. This is essential for the conservation treatment of breast cancer. Remove the tumor is the least expensive breast surgery available.
  • 2. Quadrantectomy:-
Also known as a partial mastectomy. This is a partial mastectomy, which is approximately 1 / 4 of the breast is side by side with the removal of the tumor.
  • 3. Simple mastectomy :-
Surgery to remove breast cancer, and can be a small number of axillary lymph nodes near the breast.
  • 4. Modified radical mastectomy :-
Also known as a total mastectomy. Remove the entire breast and some lymph nodes under the arm, and the lining over the chest muscles. Sometimes it is necessary to remove part of the wall in the chest muscles.
  • 5. Radical mastectomy :-
Also known as the Halsted radical mastectomy. Surgery for breast cancer where the breast, chest muscles and all lymph nodes under the arm are removed. This is a breast cancer operation used most often for many years. Doctors no longer believe that this type of cancer is necessary, instead, they recommend a modified radical mastectomy, which is believed to be just as effective.
* A couple of contacts to increase your chances of getting breast cancer are: continued use of hair dyes and dark very large number of medical X-ray.
* The new external procedure using magnetic resonance imaging with lasers that destroy the cancer at an early stage will be available soon for the treatment of breast cancer. Using this procedure would eliminate the surgery and radiation therapy and chemotherapy. This new method is called (cattle market) alternately deliver the excitement away from the resonance, and magnetic resonance imaging is a laser-guided lumpectomy.
* After the surgery, and health care for women who have had surgery to remove the cancer does not involve any action or carry heavy objects. Because they do not wear tight, rubbing of the clothes and gloves, and must be kept away from the sun. It may be possible for women lymph nodes taken out of the experience swelling in the arm or lymph edema in the same side. This is because the lymphatic fluid accumulates. This is not unusual. At the right may occur after surgery or months (or even years) at a later time. Injury, infection, or excessive use of the arm can lead to swelling. Perhaps to avoid getting Lymphoedema, avoid having blood work, and chemotherapy, or blood pressure checked his work on the arm undergoing surgery. To maintain the arm of the hardening of the countries, has recommended should be easy to do some arm exercise. Consult your doctor immediately if you notice any unusual swelling, redness, or pain in the hand or arm.
* As breast cancer can be very scary and upsetting and confusing the mind, it is important to the whole family to work together to support cancer patients and to avoid the possible consequences of depression, anxiety and fear.
* Be sure to discuss the risks versus the benefits of taking a pill with your physician. At this time it is still not known what the impact of taking the pill has been around breast cancer. Thought is that you increase the risk by taking these pills.
* Breast health from NaturalMax contains the following: phytochemicals, and nutrients, which includes genistein and black mix raisins, freeze dried broccoli, Goto Kola, indole - 3 - carbinol, saw palmetto, and lycopene. This extension came to protect the body from breast cancer.
* Current studies using acid Glucaric on women at risk of breast cancer have found it to remove the toxic, cancer-causing substances from the body. Estradiol, a form of estrogen associated with breast cancer was found to be reduced by Glucaric acid. Glucaric acid found in apples and grapefruit, and buds.
* Geinistein, which is derived isoflavones found in soy products, and holds great promise in its ability to slow the growth of existing cancer, and inhibits the growth of new tumors. Research has shown that genistein is an inhibitor of stronger growth and spread of cancerous cells.
* At this time there are many options for the treatment of breast cancer. Some of this surgery and radiation therapy (radiotherapy), chemotherapy and hormone therapy, or a combination of these to rein in tumors or breast cancer. Tamoxifen (Nolvadex) is the drug in pill form that interferes with the activity of estrogen (a hormone). At this time, tamoxifen is a pill of choice sold to treat breast cancer. Unfortunately, tamoxifen was associated with an increased risk of endometrial cancer and blood clots in the veins and lungs, and cataracts, and perhaps even strokes. It continues to study for the prevention of breast cancer, and the possible effects on the long term. In women at high risk of developing breast cancer, tamoxifen reduces the opportunity, and can be a good option for treatment for these women, but the side effects must be considered. It may be best to consult a doctor about whether this treatment would be good for you and if you are at high risk of side effects.
* The prevailing controversy about the benefits of breast cancer treatment, which involves a combination of high-dose chemotherapy and bone marrow transplant. There are researchers on both sides of the wall in any support or deterrence of such treatment. Doctors take them out and freeze a small portion of the bone marrow and then submit to high doses of chemotherapy to remove cancer cells. Marrow and then returned to the cancer patient in the body. A test was studied at Duke University on women with advanced breast cancer has moved to the lymph nodes in the armpit. Two years later, 72 percent of those treated for cancer free. This was a significant improvement compared with 38 percent having received standard chemotherapy. This transaction is the cost too high; anyone thinking of undergoing this treatment must be very aware of exactly what and not on what will pay the insurance company. This treatment does not have inherent risks that may outweigh the benefits. See the next column to the best candidates.
* Exercise is still under study to see if there will be any benefits in the prevention of breast cancer. It is believed that the practice when you are young, may help protect you from breast cancer for life. That adults get at least a moderate amount of exercise may reduce their chances of obtaining this type of cancer. Research is still being done in spite of this. One of the benefits of exercise outside will be getting more sunlight, and raising the levels of vitamin (d), make sure you do not get a lot of sun.
* If the person has developed a local or metastatic breast cancer, a drug called capecitabine (Xeloda) has been approved for use. Especially when you do not have any of the other treatments are acceptable to the investigation. The use of this medicine for cancer patients who proved resistant to other treatments. Observed in some studies, this drug has not been reduced for patients with tumors. As is the case with most of these drugs there are side effects such as diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, painful inflammation of the mouth, skin rash and painful swelling of the hands and feet.
* If breast cancer is detected early before it spreads to nearby tissues, nearly 100% have been curable with surgery alone. As long as the tumor 1 cm or less than the prognosis is good. Less than 10% of these back within ten years. The tumor is larger than more opportunities you have lymph node involvement.
* If you have a family history of breast cancer, it is important to be tested for this as much as the doctor is necessary. Some women are turning to genetic tests, and this may find what you are if you have a genetic mutation, in spite of all that you can not know whether you will develop breast cancer. Consult a doctor if you are interested in this procedure. Be aware that most insurance companies will not cover this procedure, and it is very expensive.
* In 2003 the National Cancer Institute has published an article on bioremediation. Article explains treatments that use your immune system to resist the devastating effects of cancer. As recently as 2005, in all parts of the world has shown in clinical trials of possible treatments with positive hormone inhibitors (Arimidex [chemical name: anastrozole], as well as under the name Femara [chemical name: letrozole] to the point where it may be better than tamoxifen in women who have hormone receptive positive breast cancer.
* In August 2006, the National Cancer Institute and the paper out of the truth to the general public to discuss the basic facts about hormone therapy to treat cancer. Try this treatment is still ongoing. The treatment being tested is to introduce genetic material into the patient's cancer cells to fight or even prevention of the disease. Although the genes that have been changed to make it safe, there are still inherent risks associated with this transaction. Before conducting clinical trials that were conducted using gene therapy, it should be subject to review / approval process by both the Food and Drug Administration, as well as at the National Institutes of Health DNA Advisory Committee.
* In most cases women are diagnosed with breast cancer, it must be surgery. Type of surgery will be, of course, depends on the stage of breast cancer. Surgical treatment has come a long way in the past twenty years. It is now thought is to preserve the breast, and save the breast when possible. Included in the next 6 blocks are the types of surgery available, and an explanation of the surgery.
* It is very important to have mammograms as much as the physician determines it should. Mammograms detect small tumors and deformities of the breast as much as possible, two years before they can be seen or felt. It is at this time could be amenable to treatment. When you schedule your mammogram try to choose one day during the first fourteen days of the menstrual cycle as your breasts are less susceptible to swelling. Annex will be done or your doctors office will give you instructions to follow on the day of the test.
* Jason Natural Cosmetics has the Bosom Buddies Breast self-examination several you can get. This group contains a moisturizing cream, a chart on how to do breast exam, and record-keeping booklet, and bottle cream comfortably. Could be that this group can be purchased in most health food stores.
* Tocotrienol are members of the family of vitamin (e) of the vehicles. Tocotrienol, and anti-tumor activity, especially for the breast cancer cells in humans. D-alpha tocopherol is a natural supplement form of Vitamin (e), and easily absorbed from the body.
* Breast cancer and while it may seem totally eradicated, the American Cancer Society is quick to allow for that recurrence can occur.
* Low levels of selenium and less than normal levels of vitamin (e) were found in patients who are diagnosed with breast cancer. These are two of the antioxidants must work together to address the free radicals in the body. Researchers have discovered that selenium destroy tumors and guarantees healthy tissue. Have also been identified by researchers that patients with lung cancer, bladder, breast, colon, skin is less than normal levels of vitamin A patients tested and found to have low levels of vitamin B12 has been linked to breast cancer.
* Methods to detect and treat breast cancer now involves the use of samples for testing. The biopsy is taken from a small piece of tissue for examination under a microscope or culture. How do I remove the tissue is done depends on the type of biopsy. There are three types: (1) In the biopsy needle, and tissue is obtained with the use of injection. This type can be done in conjunction with X-rays (CT scan) to help. 2) and open biopsy will be removed through the incision in the skin in order to detect the device until a sample of tissue can be collected, and (3) closed biopsy will also require removal of a sample of the incision; However, the incision required is much smaller in size. This is the case that a perception of object can be included to assist the doctor to the precise location.
* Newer and more sophisticated and less invasive test methods for detection of breast cancer and is currently being developed. There are a few of these issues are: Minimum of invasive breast biopsies (MIBB) almost no recovery time, and Ultrasounds Ultrasound high-resolution safer than X-rays and may provide more precise digital images, magnetic resonance imaging picture may show the three dimensional and can be useful in finding cracks in the packing silicone.
* Doctors are using a new method to test for the detection of the spread of cancer in the lymph nodes. This is called sentinel node biopsy and the doctor can identify the first lymph node that drain the tumor (Sentinel node), and surgically remove the nodes that are likely to be cancerous.
* Doctors do not think that jumping into surgery immediately after the answer now. He discovered that the surgery can be spread breast cancer through blood. This can happen even if the cancer in its early stages, where it can not yet be detected through examination or X-rays and produce no symptoms. The use of drug treatment after surgery has been used to kill these cells. Consult a doctor about an adjunctive treatment as a possible treatment for you. The following medicines have been approved by the Commission: capecitabine (Xeloda); docetaxel (Taxotere), can be used locally or if the body of advanced breast cancer has proven resistant to other drugs; paclitaxel (Taxol), used to treat all of the body or advanced breast cancer and relapse prevention ; tamoxifen (Nolvadex), and the rate and (Herceptin), an immune system that can be taken only if other medicines are ineffective, or even the first treatment along with other drugs.
* Pro Wim progesterone cream is applied topically to the breast and is absorbed through the fat under the skin. It is believed that progesterone can help to reduce the risk of breast cancer.
* Retrogenesis with researchers at the University of Michigan and the University of North Carolina working on the best option for women who are considering breast reconstruction. This process will include increasing their own tissue from a sample of fat cells and blood vessels taken from the thigh or buttocks. She says she is growth hormones, which lead to the growth of tissue. We hope that this new form of reconstructive surgery will be available soon for women who have had a mastectomy.
* So far, studies on the existence or non DHEA can prevent breast cancer have shown conflicting evidence. However, studies conducted in the 7 - keto DHEA show that it may be the best option for DHEA in the fight for a cure for breast cancer. 7 - keto DHEA does not change in testosterone or estrogen in the body.
* The chemical structures of tamoxifen and raloxifene are very similar. Raloxifene is one of the drugs, although the latest studies in recent times it has been hypothesized that raloxifene may prevent breast cancer. Findings related to the use of breast cancer are reassuring and encouraging, despite the fact that more studies need to be done. So far, studies have been done primarily for osteoporosis. Food and Drug Administration had not yet approved this drug for breast cancer, but has been approved by the treatment of osteoporosis in women after menopause. Both tamoxifen and raloxifene are known to increase women's risk of blood clots.
* The following treatments relax proved useful in the treatment of breast cancer: meditation, yoga, massage, and can even help in the writing.
* The Johns Hopkins Breast Center provides support for the patient to identify options that would explain the eradication of breast cancer patients. Patients, together with their families, and can take the visual test, knowledge and understanding of everything that goes on in the operating room along the way during surgery.
Magazine Oncology recently published the results of a clinical trial done on the use of epirubicin (Ellence), a drug chemotherapy. The system of chemotherapy, including high-dose epirubicin significantly higher chances of a possible cure, and long-term survival for people with early-stage breast cancer.
* And M1000 Image Checker checks the results of X-ray mammography shows suspicious areas on the images after an initial assessment has been done. This has led to improved detection rate of cancers, radiation 80 of 100 to 88 out of 100. The use of these digital X-ray is believed that improving the detection of breast cancer significantly.
* National Committee for Women's Health Network advises women to reduce fat consumption to 20% of the total calories. There is ongoing debate as to whether fat intake increases the chances of breast cancer. Reduce your saturated fat to no more than 5% of the calories.
* The New England Journal of Medicine reported that drinking alcoholic beverages and a few three-week raises the possibility of breast cancer by up to 50%. American Cancer Society (ACS) recommends that you do not drink more than two drinks twice a week. It believes that you increase the chances of cancer by 1.5 times more than women who do not drink at all, if you drink two to five cups a day.
* The spread of cancer for more than the lymph nodes may require treatment after the operation, which includes radiation, chemotherapy or hormone therapy. And follow-up to remove the tumor or radiation quadrantectomy always to ensure that no cancerous cells are present.
* In consultation with the surgeon with the patient for surgery to determine what would be most suited to their health status and specific situation. Usually women are concerned with finance, access to care and body image, and personal beliefs. In most cases, breast reconstruction can be done at a later time.
* Are examined tumor after surgery and test it to see if estrogen receptor protein is present. With this test can determine if the cancer is a hormone estrogen, which depends, and, if so, the doctor may prescribe tamoxifen as a treatment alternative to conventional chemotherapy.
* There are drugs available that pain is more powerful than morphine, and is available in flavored sugar aids in the form of this medicine called fentanyl (Actiq) and physicians because it provides for patients who suffer from severe pain.

Tips Nutition in Breast Cancer:-
  • Avoid salt, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and junk food and refined foods that are processed and saturated fats, eggs and flour.
  • Make sure to include extra fiber to your diet.
  • The best to include soy products, nuts, soybeans, tofu, soybeans, soy milk, and soybean meal.
  • There must be a diet high fiber diet, fruits and fresh vegetables and raw nuts (no peanuts), grains, legumes, cereals, dairy products and tense. Vegetables that are important, broccoli, cabbage and broccoli, along with the orange / yellow vegetables. So what is the best steamed vegetables (light), or crude. Oats and brown rice (unpolished), and wheat are the best sources of grain.
  • Drinking either distilled water or in the spring. Also, you need fruit juice in the morning, and fruit juice in the afternoon.
  • If you feel depressed or scared during treatment when out of the medicines will be able to return to a happy life fulfilled.
  • Include onions and garlic in your diet or you can take the form of a supplement to the garlic.
  • You must be a lot of omega-3 and omega - 9, and essential fatty acids to reduce the risk of cancer. Do not use cod liver oil.
  • Away from iron supplements, and this can cause tumors to grow.
  • Use a combination of juice, fresh carrot, cauliflower, broccoli, and dark leafy greens, kale, and apple.
  • An amount of chard grilled and fatty foods which take in the Journal.
  • You must visit a doctor if you have nipples red, sore, or itching. This does not apply if you are breast-feeding.
  • The body needs all kinds of berries, grapes, apples, peaches and cherries in your diet.


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