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Bach Flower Remedy

Bach Flower Remedy:-
Bach Flower Remedy Information:-
And Bach ® Flower Remedies are 38 plant and flower based remedies, each one specifically designed to treat a different feeling.

It helps you to manage the emotional demands of everyday life, this kind of feelings that affect everyday life in the 90s. It means the original flower remedies made in accordance with the exact homeopathic traditions of Dr. Edward Bach.

Bach Flower Remedies work by stimulating the body's special ability to heal itself, through achieving a balance between negative emotions, and help you to control, feel good about yourself, and get more from life. The Bach Flower Remedies are unique, and easy to use, suitable for all family members.
The development of Bach Flower Remedies:-
The Bach Flower Remedies were created by a Harley Street doctor, Edward Bach, in the 1930s. Philosophy, "a healthy mind in a healthy body to ensure", and before that the time has come when looking at the present day more and more medical experts are recognizing the links between mental and physical health.

Dr. Bach developed a system of seven major groups under the emotional changes that can classify people, such as fear and uncertainty or unit. The 38 countries classified as negative for the mind under these groups. Then, using the knowledge of homeopathy, Dr. Bach developed a flower or plant-based treatment to address each of these cases, emotional - and this is a unique Bach Flower Remedies.

Dr. Edward Bach Center Mount Vernon, Oxfordshire, where Dr Bach lived and worked and discovered his healing flowers in the surrounding fields, and where such walls. Flower of the same sites that are still used in the preparation of the Bach Flower Remedies by the present custodians, who are keen to maintain the style and the use of processors, as desired by Dr. Bach. They also act as education and training in Bach Flower Remedies.

Guide to Bach Flower Remedies 38:-


  • Rock ~ Rose terrorism
  • Fear of things unknown ~ Mimulus
  • Fear of mind giving way ~ cherry plum
  • Concerns and worries of unknown origin ~ Aspen
  • Exaggerated fear or concern for others ~ Red Chestnut


  • Proud, independent water violet ~
  • ~ Impatiens Impatience
  • Selfish, self-concern ~ Heather

Insufficient attention in the current circumstances: -

  • Fiction, and lack of interest in the present ~ clematis
  • ~ Living in the past Honeysuckle
  • Resignation, indifference and Wild Rose ~
  • The lack of energy olive ~
  • Unwanted thoughts and mental arguments White Chestnut ~
  • Deep gloom with no origin ~ mustard.
  • Do not learn from the mistakes of the past ~ Chestnut Bud

Or hopelessness and despair:-

  • Lack of confidence Larch
  • Self-blame, guilt ~ Pine
  • ~ Overshadowed responsibility Elm
  • Extreme mental anguish ~ Sweet Chestnut
  • After the end of the effects of shock ~ Star of Bethlehem
  • ~ Indignation willow
  • Exhausted, but conflicts over ~ Oak

Uncertainty: -

  • For advice and confirmation from the other ~ Cerato
  • ~ Scleranthus left
  • Frustration, and despair ~ Gentian.
  • Despair and hopelessness ~ Gorse
  • "Monday morning" feeling the yoke of ~
  • Uncertainty as to the correct path in life ~ wild oats

More sensitive to the effects and ideas: -

  • Mental torment behind a brave face ~ Agrimony
  • Weak-willed and subservient ~ Centaury
  • Protection from change and external influences ~ Walnut
  • Hatred, envy and jealousy ~ Holly
More than care for the welfare of others: -

  • ~ Dandelion selfishly possessive
  • Over-enthusiasm ~ vervain
  • Tyranny, but flexible ~ Karma
  • ~ Beech intolerance
  • Self-repression and self-denial Rock Water ~
Bach Flower Rescue Remedy:-
Bach Rescue remedy is used by countless people in times of emotional disorders. Celebrities are used to combat stage fright, and models used to put themselves more at ease on the podium or in front of the camera.

Whatever your day in the shop, and can be treated with Bach Rescue help you through the ups and downs. It is so popular because it is appropriate in many cases every day, and that can be taken by any person.

Rescue therapy is a unique blend of five Bach flower remedies: -

Rock Rose - for terror, lmpatiens - for impatience, Clematis - for fiction; lack of interest at the present time, the star of Bethlehem - the effects of post-traumatic stress, Cherry Plum - for fear of mind giving way.

Saving treatment can help you deal with everyday situations such as: taking an exam or driving test ... The after-effects of the bitter argument ... Wedding-day nerves ... Go to the dentist ... Work on a tight deadline ... Dealing with bereavement go to a job interview ... Speaking at an important meeting ... Facing redundancy ... Fear of flying ... Receive bad news ... Stuck in traffic jam ... Dealing with children.

Bach Rescue Cream:-
Bach Rescue Creeam is a skin ointment to calm the public and restore, and can help a wide range of skin conditions, such as rough skin, flaking or chapped. Bach Rescue Cream contains the same combination of Bach Flower Remedies and Rescue Remedy, as well as Crab Apple - cleansing remedy.
Selection of Bach Flower Remedies for you: -
Recognition of exactly how you feel is very important when it comes to selecting the most appropriate Bach Flower treatment for you. For the selection of Bach Flower needs to be addressed, the first attempt to determine exactly how you feel at that moment. And then matching the mood exactly with you on the occasion of Bach flower therapy and it's hard to admit to ourselves some of the negative emotions - few of us want to be seen as jealous, or over-protection, for example. But as soon as he confessed how you feel, you are half way towards remedying that passion. If you find it very difficult to work on your feelings, why do not you ask someone who knows you as good as your partner, a member of the family ', or work colleague to describe you.

And at least one of the Bach flower remedy will be suitable for you - whatever your mood, whatever you have a problem. Once you become more familiar with the Bach Flower Remedies that work best for you, perhaps you want to build your own group until your treatments required for the Bach flowers are ready for you to take, whenever you need it.

Typical examples of the use of Bach Flower Remedies: -

  • Gentain:
for those feelings of frustration and despair.
  • Star of Bethlehem:
the trauma of unexpected redundancy.
  • Olive oil:
you have a lack of energy.
  • Vervain:
the Born enthusiasts who can not stop.
  • Centaury:
For those who are constantly in Pec, and call on others.
  • Larch:
For those lacking confidence.

  • Rescue treatment:
To calm the nerves immediately before the exam / test.
  • Honey:
To help you to stop nostalgia for the past.
  • Willow:
for those feelings of discontent and self-pity.
  • Nut:
to help you adjust to your new situation.
  • Rock Rose:
for the dreams of terrifying.
  • White Chestnut:
the ideas of an ongoing concern or arguments substances.
  • Agrimony:
For those who do not let up for a night of pent-up fears

Instructions to take the Bach Flower Remedies: -
Taking in 38 Bach Flower Remedies: - eased two points in a small cup of water and sip at intervals throughout the day, or even not get relief. Renewal when necessary for longer term use, add 2 drops to 30ml dropper bottle, even with the top mineral water and take 4 drops of this solution 4 times a day, or more frequently if necessary until you get relief. Up to 6 or 7 treatments can be taken together if necessary.

Taking Bach Rescue Remedy: - softened 4 small drops in a glass of water and sip at frequent intervals until relief is obtained.

If necessary 2 drops of your Bach flower therapy, or 4 drops of your Bach Rescue Remedy can be dropped neat on the tongue, or rubbed on the lips, behind the ears or on the walls of temples and wrists.

The number of times or for how long you take Bach flower remedies depends on you. If it is just a passing mood or you're in a bit of crisis that may require only one dose, but if you've been feeling the same for some time, there is no limit as to how long you can take your chosen treatment or cures.

Bach flower remedies are available in handy 10ml bottles (Bach Rescue Remedy is also available in 20ml) and fit easily in a briefcase or bag or on your desktop. These can be addressed by women and men, children and pets - even plants have been known to benefit. And it can be used in conjunction with any conventional or complementary medicines.

Remember, Bach Flower Remedies are completely natural, and safe for use at any time, by all members of the family.


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