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Apple Pectin

Apple Pectin:-

In this page contains information about the apple and how it is used as a herb in alternative herbal treatments to treat ailments and problems such as stomach cramps, cancer and diabetes.
Please note that we do not advocate that people stop their normal medication, but people would be aware that some alternative therapies can be very effective to help treat problems and to create a healthier, younger and more vital you.
Although we believe in the therapeutic and healing properties of herbs, care must be taken in its use, as they are powerful compounds.

Botanical Classification apple:-

  • Family:-

  • Genus and specie:-
Malus sylvestris or Pyrus malus.

  • Other names:-
No other names reported.

Description of the herb-spice apple :-
This tree can grow up to everyday 40 meter high and more than 300 varieties are found.

Parts used:-
The fruits and leaves are used.

The fruit flavor and texture vary and range from bright to mealy and sweet or sour may, depending on the variety. The fruits are great anti-diarrhea and laxative properties, and although it sounds like a contradiction, both of these conditions can be helped with apples.

Therapeutic Applications :-

  • Internal use
  1. The pectin in apples is converted into a soothing coating for the intestines by gut bacteria, which facilitates stomach cramps.
  2. Pectin adds bulk to stools and is useful in combating diarrhea.
  3. A study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute pectin hints that cancer spreads through the body to stop, and that pectin binds certain carcinogenic substances in the colon, speeding up their removal from the body.
  4. A study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that apple pectin helps reduce blood sugar in diabetics.
  5. Apple pectin reportedly helps to keep cholesterol in the stomach, to bind cholesterol and its implementation through the digestive tract and are eliminated is also reported to help the body rid itself of
    + Lead
    + Mercury
    + And other heavy metals is widespread in modern water, food and air.
  • External use:-
  1. Apple leaves contain phloretin, which is a natural antibiotic.
  2. Crushed clean apple leaves can be applied to small wounds and scratches as a temporary treatment until the wounds are cleaned and connected.
Safety precautions and warnings :-

An apple seed contains a high level of cyanide - so much so that the intake of large quantities of apple seeds can be fatal, and it is not advisable to eat large quantities of apple seeds.

People with weak stomachs, prone to diarrhea or constipation to eat apples in moderation, because one of the conditions in susceptible individuals may cause.

Large quantities of apple pectin can slow the absorption of most drugs if taken simultaneously.


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